Work to Love

Even the best and most successful relationships take a lot of hard workand determination. Someone once that falling in love was just the firstand quite possibly the easiest part of a relationship, those that arenewly in love will likely agree with this statement.

Peopletend to fall in love, enjoy the relationship for several weeks or evenmonths and then begin to feel a tad different about the situation. Ifyou find yourself in that situation, do not worry, it is perfectlynormal. The truth is, love often clouds any shortcomings that yoursignificant other may have, and when everything “new” subsides peoplebegin to focus on the slight imperfections that seemed invisiblebefore.

Here is what you can do, sit down and evaluate ifthese “shortcomings” are in fact something that will make or break therelationship. If the answer is no, then simple discuss your feelingswith your partner and decide if there are things that either of you canadjust in order to make the relationship better. If the answer is trulyyes then perhaps its time to reconsider the relationship as a whole.

Youare always better to make these judgments as close to the beginning ofthe relationship as possible. If you stay in a relationship feelingwishy-washy you will pass those feelings on to your partner and theymay get the wrong idea and want out.

If you discuss anybothering early on then you can often catch them before they really getto you and mend something that can potentially be the best relationshipyou have ever had. After all, all that time in love must have meantsomething to the both of you!