Things NOT to say on a First Date!

So you have made it past all the online conversations, the telephonecalls and know you are turning your online dating experience intoreality. To start things of on the right foot there are a few thingsthat you should refrain from saying on a first date:

Discussingawful first date experiences: No one really wants to hear about yourother encounters when they hardly know you at all, so save the storiesfor a few dates later when you have gotten to know each other a bitbetter.

Don’t discuss your bad habits: Yes honesty is the bestpolicy but there’s no reason that you have to pick your teeth after asteak dinner. There’s also no reason that your date needs to know thedetails of how you bite your nails, so if you could contain the smallerthings for a little while it may be a good idea.

Don’t talkabout your previous significant other: The reason you are on this dateis to get to know the person on the other side of table. It is not totalk about your ex, your previous plans with your ex or the things thatyou loved/hated about your ex. Use the date to learn more about the oneyou are with now and you will be much better off.

All in all,a good rule of thumb to follow would be to evaluate if you would beinterested in hearing this information, if the answer is no thanchances are the other person doesn’t want to hear it either.