The Right to See a Photo

There are a few things that go hand in hand when it comes to internetdating. The internet dating websites that currently exist have taughtus that we must have certain expectations for what we are required toknow about the person that we will potentially meet up with and nowthey have become the standard.

One of the most importantvariables to a successful meeting happens to be a photo. Not to saythat the world has become completely superficial but looks seem to beat least somewhat important, especially in the beginning stages ofgetting to know someone.

One person that we were speaking tothe other day made a very good point. He said “ would you approachsomeone at a bar or a pub or any public place if you didn’t find themin the least bit physically attractive?” No probably not, so the samegoes to setting up a meeting with a complete stranger over the web. I

fyou have had conversation online via email and perhaps even over thephone with the person then the only fair thing to do before meetingthem seems to be sending over a photo. If you are planning to meet themanyway then what’s the harm in giving them a little sneak peak into whothey are looking for in person?

So the truth of the matter is,people that are dating online have come to believe that they deserve tosee a photo before meeting someone, so next time you are asked for one,no need to read between the lines, simply know that this has become theindustry standard.