The Online Dating Rebounder

The rebounder – one guy that you won’t want to come across while online dating

There is one guy that you should try to avoid at all costs when it comes to finding awesome men during online dating – the rebounder. This guy will not be over his ex, will be interested in your for a while but is then likely to give it all up when the ex either clicks her fingers or he thinks he has a chance again and finally, will talk about her and the way that the relationship ended full stop. In the short term, this will not be a fun relationship for you to embark on.

So, how do you spot the rebound guy?
One thing that you will want to take a closer look at is the ex-girlfriend “bashing” that is on the profile page. This will be your first hint. If he still thinks about her enough to put details of it on a page that is dedicated to meeting new dates, he thinks about her too much! You may also want to take a look at phrases such as “I’m looking for someone that will love me for me and not change every tiny thing about me” This generally looks to most people as if someone has done this criticizing to him before and it still bothers him.

What will happen if I date the rebound guy? If you are looking for a little bit of fun rather than a serious relationship then the rebound guy could be what you are looking for but in reality, you are not likely to have that much fun. You may find that you are spending entire weekends listening to him slag off his ex to within an inch of her life and generally being bitter about women in general. Of course it might even go the other way, if he was treated badly by his ex then he may be eternally grateful for the affection you are showing him but this is likely to get annoying very quickly!