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Reasons Why You May Still Be Single

It’s sad to think there might be something you are doing to keep youfrom finding your soul mate, but often it can be true. And of course,the first step to changing your behavior is to realize some of thethings you might be doing wrong. Here are a few common missteps thatmany people are unaware they are doing…

You let your careerrun your life. Of course being driven and determined are greatqualities to have however there needs to be a clear line between yourpersonal and professional life.
If you are on the dating scenebut are rarely free to give time to others than most likely you won’tbe able to sustain any kind of relationship either. Remember, lifeisn’t only about working so set aside time for yourself (and hopefullya significant other) as much as possible.

You’re setting yoursights too high. We often want to find the perfect match, our soulmate,but as we get older we seem to get more and more selective and criticalof whom we choose. If your criteria and standards are extremely high,and in some cases unrealistic, this could be the reason why you stillhaven’t found anyone. Try and give select people a shot, even if youknow there are some things you many not like, you may find lots moregreat qualities about that person than you thought.

You’re notmaking yourself available. This is another common mistake singles have.It’s fine to be shy or reserved but if you aren’t putting yourself outthere you can’t expect to meet anyone new. Give online dating a try; ittakes some of the anxieties of dating out of the picture because youcan chat online first.

You’re too stubborn for your own good.Finding a match can be tricky but it’s almost always about being ableto compromise. If you like things done a particular way and can’t letgo of some control you will have a hard time letting another humanbeing in. Relationships are about patience, sharing and finding middleground so start loosening up your reins today!

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The elusive, electric feeling we call chemistryis like the ignition system in a car: it’s not the most important thingabout an automobile but, without it, the car won’t start. We can easilytell when the chemistry is there—we can feel it. But how do we know theperson we’re dating has the deeper qualities that count so much in aserious relationship? The team at has surveyed the reportsand publications, and listened in on what the dating experts have tosay.

In determining if your date is a serious prospectnothing seems to be more important than assessing a potential partner’sstrength of character, the sense that they’re self-assured andcomfortable with who they are, confident without being arrogant.

The great thing about character strength is the wayit infuses so many of the qualities we tend to value in a partner.Strong, solid people who are not wrapped up in themselves are usuallymore open to new ideas and seem capable of connecting at deeper levels.With less of a personal agenda they find it easier to give ofthemselves. They tend to be devoted partners, passionate lovers,supportive friends and dependable parents.

Of course it’s not always easy to detect this kind ofinner strength early in a dating relationship since that’s when we’reall on our best behavior. But there are some signs to watch out for.


1. You share the same values, especially about theimportant things. You have a similar sense of humor; you get eachother’s jokes.

2. He or she has a strong sense of family with whomthey stay in touch. Their friendships are solid, enduring and importantto them. You sense your friends, your family and the other importantpeople in your life will really like this person.

3. Your date is thoughtful and considerate to most everyone regardless of their position.

4. They’re not overly possessive or controlling. Theywelcome the idea that you have a life of your own, which means your owninterests and friends.

5. They draw you out on your interests, goals and ambitions, and usually support them. You get a sense of loyalty.

6. They encourage communication; they’re open tocriticism and accept responsibility for their actions instead of alwaysblaming others. They’re honest and reliable.

7. They’re aware of what’s going on in the worldaround them; their perspective on world events is sensible andempathetic. They devote time and energy to the people and the causesthey believe in.


1. Your values and tastes are not aligned. Yourpolitics are at odds; your spiritual beliefs are incompatible or notmutually appreciated. Your lifestyles are very different. You don’tshare the same approach to money.

2. You have very different ideas about family and kids.

3. Your date seems too deeply attached to a formerpartner or goes overboard in their personal or family relationships.They seem unwilling to break cleanly with previous romantic partners.

4. They’re rude or short with others, often seem tense and are frequently unpredictable. Stillness makes them uncomfortable.

5. You find you’re frequently “on edge” when you’retogether. He or she is controlling, often criticizes the people aroundyou and shows little interest in getting to know them.

6. You hear regular rants and criticisms about thepeople in their lives. They have a cynical outlook on life. To hearthem tell it the people around them are always screwing up. They havefew friends, finding it hard to maintain them.

7. You get a sense of addictive or destructivebehavior. They often display a lack of concern about the consequencesof their actions.

It’s easy, of course, to get caught up in the blissof infatuation. We want to see the best in a romantic partner. Afterall, we’re human which means we’re capable of inappropriate behavior onoccasion. But, sooner or later, the gentle mist of our good intentionsand fond hopes fades away. People come out from behind the sales pitchthat colors so much of the early dating process. We start to sort outour future. Is the person we’ve been dating the right one to share itwith?

The sooner we figure that out the better. One thing’sfor your sure, in time, you’ve got a great chance of connecting withthe right partner through It could be today, tomorrow, orsome time soon, But don’t settle for someone “average” just for thesake of being with someone. There are a lot of stellar candidates, so why nor shoot for the stars?

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Singles and Free Online Dating

Singles and shift to free online dating.


One of the biggest trends as far as the singlescommunity is concerned in the modern day is the shift to free onlinedating. If you are a single person that thinks about dating on a fairlyfrequent basis, chances are that you are already aware of thisparticular trend. It comes about because of a confluence between thelower cost of online dating, the higher convenience of online datingand the current recessionary times that are forcing single people tocut back on their conventional dating expenses. People also appreciatebeing able to talk at length with people online and get to know thembefore going on an actual physical date because it allows them todevelop a more meaningful relationship before taking the plunge. If youare a single person that is interested in online dating, below are somestrategies that you can pursue.

Strategy #1: The mass appeal approach

This is perhaps the most innovative approach withFree online dating and it is one that a number of people like to try.The basic point of this approach is to contact as many people aspossible and then quickly narrow the field down based on initialcontact made with those people. The mass appeal approach is the onlineequivalent of speed dating, except different profiles on differentpeople give you the chance to really individualize your experiences andtherefore carry on much deeper communicative associations with peoplethan you would be able to with a speed dating service. The mass appealapproach is a real novelty the first time it is carried out, but themain downside is that not finding anyone once the narrowing downprocess is complete can be a really demoralizing event. For thisreason, caution is still required even when the mass appeal approach isemployed.

Strategy #2: The picky approach

The picky approach is essentially the opposite of themass appeal approach. Instead of adding a bunch of people to your listof prospective dates, you create a list that is quite small. The mainidea here is to find people that you really think you can get alongwith and that you find attractive in order to contact just those peopleand try to form some deep connections through communication. This is agreat way to do things within singles communities, especially forintroverted people that tend not to do well when they are forced tomeet a large number of strangers over a relatively small period of time.


Whether you choose the mass appeal approach, thepicky approach or something in between, singles have a great number ofoptions at their disposal where online dating is concerned. The doorsof opportunity have been opened wide as a result of online dating andsingles are ending up finding love in places they never thoughtpossible as a result of this excellent developed service. If you are asingle person, now is definitely the time to give a free dating site atry.

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Singles Travel

Singles travel infomation

If you are one of those single people out there that are more than ready to change their relationship status, you have a lot of great options available for you.  Not only can you mingle with other singles in your community in public hotspots or speed dating activities, but love can be discovered in many other places.  In these days, quality companionship may even be found online.  Yet another idea is found in singles travel, giving you the opportunity to have the time of your life on an exciting vacation, while meeting people who are out looking for people like you.

There are so many options when it comes to singles travel.  Even if you aren’t looking for a permanent relationship, traveling with people on your own level can be a fun and rewarding experience.  Most often, even just being together with people from all over the country, can give you a chance to learn from someone else, and that experience can change your life.  Even being together for a couple of hours on a plane ride, or enjoying the sights of the Caribbean while on a cruise can give you opportunity after opportunity to spark something with someone else.  And this experience will not easily be forgotten.

Singles travel packets are designed for many different kinds of people.  Companies who organize them try to cater to many different types of people, keeping in mind their age, interests, and intentions.  When you are looking into a singles travel adventure, look for something that seems interesting to you.  Look for a package that your personality fits into, so that you can get the best out of your money and time, and go home happy with the results.

With singles travel, you will be able to add to your list of life experiences something unique and wonderful.  And you never know—you might not even come home single.

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