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Signs of a Breakup

Signs of a breakup?


Unfortunately, there isn’t a warranty of a guarantee on relationships lasting.  Even in what you think is the most perfect relationship ever, there is always a possibility that directions will change, personalities modified becoming incompatible or even problems that come up that can’t be remedied.  You can try your best to look out for signs of trouble and try to turn it around before it is too late.


Most breakups are usually decided upon by women.  Of course, it takes two to tango, because a one person tango is really ridiculous looking.  In research from 2008 women that were polled on the reason they initiated a breakup gave the reason of “intuition.”  It was stated that intuition told them that their partner was up to something no good and instead of sticking around they went with their intuition. 


Some really clear-cut signs that your relationship might be headed for the end are if there are more fights about little things happening, your partner forgets those dates that are important and your partner has started looking at dating sites.  Obviously, if your partner is looking at dating sites that should be in that range of 90-100% certainty.  Don’t be so quick to judge though, make sure that those sites aren’t just from email advertisements that they may have clicked. 


In combination the following behaviors would be a really strong indicator.  Are they being more secretive, are they re-establishing friendships with former lovers, changing their routine and spending less time with you?  If you are noticing these patterns then it may be too late.  The sooner you can address these issues then the better chance that you may have of fixing the problem.  There is always room for discussion and if that’s productive, that might have been all it took, but on the most part these are clear signs of an impending break up.

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