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The Online Dating Rebounder

The rebounder – one guy that you won’t want to come across while online dating

There is one guy that you should try to avoid at all costs when it comes to finding awesome men during online dating – the rebounder. This guy will not be over his ex, will be interested in your for a while but is then likely to give it all up when the ex either clicks her fingers or he thinks he has a chance again and finally, will talk about her and the way that the relationship ended full stop. In the short term, this will not be a fun relationship for you to embark on.

So, how do you spot the rebound guy?
One thing that you will want to take a closer look at is the ex-girlfriend “bashing” that is on the profile page. This will be your first hint. If he still thinks about her enough to put details of it on a page that is dedicated to meeting new dates, he thinks about her too much! You may also want to take a look at phrases such as “I’m looking for someone that will love me for me and not change every tiny thing about me” This generally looks to most people as if someone has done this criticizing to him before and it still bothers him.

What will happen if I date the rebound guy? If you are looking for a little bit of fun rather than a serious relationship then the rebound guy could be what you are looking for but in reality, you are not likely to have that much fun. You may find that you are spending entire weekends listening to him slag off his ex to within an inch of her life and generally being bitter about women in general. Of course it might even go the other way, if he was treated badly by his ex then he may be eternally grateful for the affection you are showing him but this is likely to get annoying very quickly!

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What to Watch Out for in Online Dating

We’ve all heard stories of happy endings and great successes of onlinedating websites matching up people that would have never met otherwise!

And while that is all great, there are also a few things thatyou should know to watch out for so that you can concentrate on thathappily ever after! Most people on online dating websites are there tofind someone they can connect to. Unfortunately there are also thosethat are there just to cause trouble.

But there are few hintsthat you can look for when you suspect something isn’t quite right.Here’s when you should strongly consider cutting your losses; “the onethat won’t give up” yes you can feel flattered but if there is someonethat you have told that you are not interested in and they continue topursue you time and time again then you may want to alert the web hostto the problem and ask them to block this character from contacting youat all.

If you let this individual fester their slightobsession then you may be getting into much more than you bargained forso stopping the problem before it starts is a great idea. There areseveral other situations to watch out for as well. I

f a personis from abroad and they are kindly asking for money for a plane ticketor any other reason, please keep in mind that as lovely as they mayseem there is a great chance that this is a scam, so please be careful.The best thing to do is follow your gut feeling. If you think somethingfeels like its slightly off chances are it may just be so.

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How to Create the Best Online Dating Screen Name

You may think your screen name has not much to do with your onlinedating profile but you couldn’t be more wrong! I can tell you mostwomen will run screaming from ‘LadiesLoveMe69′ faster than you canimagine and men will go running for their covers from‘WeddingBells2009′. So here are a few easy tips to remember whencreating your online dating screen name.

First of all, don’tuse your real, full name. This has mostly to do with privacy issues andnot with attracting enough potential dates. Even though you may be opento the idea of online dating and you pay all your bills and view yourbanking information online it’s still not a good idea to list your fullname. With that being said, using your initials, your first name oryour nickname can be a great conversation starter.

Also, asyou may have noticed above, don’t take your screen name to theextremes. Yes, you can be funny, clever and/or charming but in a modestway. Nothing spells ‘stay away’ better than a lame screen name thatlooks more like a porno stars name. And let’s not even get started onthe kind of people who you’ll attract to your profile.

Don’tbe generic or obscure. If you use a name like ‘Dan23254′ you won’t becatching much traffic unfortunately. While it’s important to beyourself and to keep things in balance, you do need to do some‘marketing’ of yourself. Use an eye catching screen name that usesadjectives like ‘DanDigsDenmark’ or ‘PrettyPenny’. Be creative, alittle silly or maybe even a little daring!

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What Makes Online Dating So Popular

There are lots of different ways people can find dates these days. Youcan call a phone and chat with singles in your area, you can go to asingles mixer event at a restaurant or club, you can even go speeddating and get 10 dates in one night! But the most popular form ofdating today has to be online – and there are lots of reasons why thismedium connects millions of singles around the world.

First,it’s just so convenient! Like anything else available online it’sridiculously easy to get access too. Our generation can get everythingthey want from a click of their mouse or even a push of a few buttonson their cell phones. You can check your online dating messages athome, on the train, in your car, even maybe at work (if you can getaway with it!).
Another great reason for the popularity ofonline dating is the anonymity it provides. We have all been nervousabout meeting someone face-to-face or have had to sit through a blinddate or two. But when you date online you have some amount of controlover who you can see, who can see you and who you choose to talk to –and this can be very comforting for anyone who is even the littlest bitshy.

Finally, the best thing about online dating is the factthat you can weed through all the profiles you want before even sendingan instant message or email! Online dating services will even sortthrough them for you. They’ll read through your profile, ask you somequestions and pick singles that are just like you. Then all you have todo is read through them and, if you like what you see, contact theperson

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