Skyecandy Releases Demo for Video Speed Dating on Skype

SkyeCandy has just released the first video speed dating program forSkype. In an innovative new format, SkyeCandy gives users the chance tobe paired up with prospects from all around the world for shortvideo-conferences which are scheduled on a continual basis. SkyeCandygives users the opportunity to have face-to-face interaction withouthave to provide any personal information, allow for a safe and securespeed dating experience. Each user also has a friendliness rating, sousers can weed out undesirable prospects.

Their High Definitiondemo is now available in for download on their Youtube Channel (teamskyecandy) and the SkyeCandy official website. The demo is serves as anintroduction to SkyeCandy, instructing users on the basics of theirinnovative new program. They walk you through how to download, registerand get started on SkyeCandy and while showcasing some of theirexciting new features. These include an interactive map that provideslive information about users around the world, the ability to rate howfriendly your date is and follow-up communication with successful datesover Skype.

Even after the trial period is over, SkyeCandywill remain free to all users, offering all Skype members its basicfeatures. There are also paid features, including the option to sendSMS messages directly to the mobile phone of your successful dates, andthey are also planning to implement VIP features and MatchmakingServices in the near future.