Singles Lifestyle Overrated

Is the Singles Lifestyle Overrated?  (By Emily member)


The media shapes our view of culture in a large wayand at the current moment in time, the singles lifestyle has beenglorified by the media. No matter where you look, there are storiesabout partying till you can’t see straight and shirking responsibility,but there are few stories about growing up, maturing and then findingthat special someone to spend the rest of your life with. Dating is animportant part of the singles lifestyle for many people that want toget out of being single and for these people, the singles lifestyle haseither lost its charm, or become overrated. Dating life and ultimatelymarried life carries with it a number of advantages that the singleslifestyle does not have.

Financial Security

Since most of the people in the modern era now workfor their living, financial security is one of the biggest things thatcome with married life. With two incomes to subsist on instead of oneincome, the family unit is usually better poised to deal with a rockyroad financially since two points of income have to fail simultaneouslyfor the income flow to stop altogether.

Emotional Security

If you have ever left home for the first time and hadsomething bad happen to you within the first few months of leaving yourfamily and friends behind, you might understand how single people canbe emotionally isolated from each other even if they happen to befriends. Emotional security is a big aspect of today’s world,especially with the emotional effects that recessions can have. Forthat reason, married couples once again tend to trump singles becausethey have the ability to provide the emotional security of family thathelps people deal with problems they might have.


Married couples often have opportunities that singlepeople never have. The idea of settling down and starting a family isone that implies stability and reliability, two factors that employersabsolutely love. This is why married couples often get promotions aswell as better mortgage rates, because various businesses feel betterabout investing in them than they do about investing in single peoplethat still might not be tied down and ready for a long term commitment.It may not seem fair to you if you are single, but there are statisticsthat back such decisions up.


The above article has dealt with advantages inherentto married or long term dating couples over singles. There is nothingabout the advantages inherent to single life because most of those(i.e. freedom and less responsibility) are already known to most peoplecourtesy of a media culture that glorifies the experiences that singlepeople have the freedom to have. Ultimately, it is up to you which setof advantages you feel suits you the best. In spite of that, one thingis clear and that is that single life and married life both have theirgood points and therefore single life does not always trump marriedlife. Therefore, single life can be overrated at times.