Singles and Free Online Dating

Singles and shift to free online dating.


One of the biggest trends as far as the singlescommunity is concerned in the modern day is the shift to free onlinedating. If you are a single person that thinks about dating on a fairlyfrequent basis, chances are that you are already aware of thisparticular trend. It comes about because of a confluence between thelower cost of online dating, the higher convenience of online datingand the current recessionary times that are forcing single people tocut back on their conventional dating expenses. People also appreciatebeing able to talk at length with people online and get to know thembefore going on an actual physical date because it allows them todevelop a more meaningful relationship before taking the plunge. If youare a single person that is interested in online dating, below are somestrategies that you can pursue.

Strategy #1: The mass appeal approach

This is perhaps the most innovative approach withFree online dating and it is one that a number of people like to try.The basic point of this approach is to contact as many people aspossible and then quickly narrow the field down based on initialcontact made with those people. The mass appeal approach is the onlineequivalent of speed dating, except different profiles on differentpeople give you the chance to really individualize your experiences andtherefore carry on much deeper communicative associations with peoplethan you would be able to with a speed dating service. The mass appealapproach is a real novelty the first time it is carried out, but themain downside is that not finding anyone once the narrowing downprocess is complete can be a really demoralizing event. For thisreason, caution is still required even when the mass appeal approach isemployed.

Strategy #2: The picky approach

The picky approach is essentially the opposite of themass appeal approach. Instead of adding a bunch of people to your listof prospective dates, you create a list that is quite small. The mainidea here is to find people that you really think you can get alongwith and that you find attractive in order to contact just those peopleand try to form some deep connections through communication. This is agreat way to do things within singles communities, especially forintroverted people that tend not to do well when they are forced tomeet a large number of strangers over a relatively small period of time.


Whether you choose the mass appeal approach, thepicky approach or something in between, singles have a great number ofoptions at their disposal where online dating is concerned. The doorsof opportunity have been opened wide as a result of online dating andsingles are ending up finding love in places they never thoughtpossible as a result of this excellent developed service. If you are asingle person, now is definitely the time to give a free dating site atry.