Safety Tips – For Meeting a Online Dating Site Mate

A user e-mailed us some dating safety tips:

Safety Tips – For Meeting a Online Dating Site Mate

Online dating sites have become hugely popular, withglobal annual usage figures into the hundreds of millions. Theconvenience of organizing ones love-life from a home PC, combined witha reassuring level of anonymity, have made online dating sites asocially acceptable, viable lifestyle choice when it comes to seekingout a new partner.

Emails and chat messages do not convey body language,or inflexions of speech, and it is possible to obtain a very erroneousunderstanding of the person you’re conversing with if that person isdeliberately misleading you.

There are warning signs to watch for before anymeeting takes place, and there are sensible precautions which canreduce the risk of such a meeting to virtually nil.

The biggest area of online dating sites crime isfraud – money scams. No matter what circumstances the person claims tobe in, any mention of a loan, or handout, from someone you barely know,is highly likely to be the request of a scam artist. Such cases shouldbe treated by ending the correspondence.

One of the biggest irritants of the online dating isspam. If someone sends a first-time private message asking for youremail address, or otherwise seems unusually eager to gain thisinformation, the chances are they’re connected with marketing – thisperson/company will have lists of email addresses, and be selling themoff in bulk to rival companies. Giving such a person your details willlead to an inbox full of dating related spam. Easy enough to counter -keep your email to yourself until you know a little more about whoyou’re dealing with.

And finally, the least likely occurrence, but thebiggest threat: dangerous individuals. Like with the money situation,every online dating mate whom you meet face-to-face should be treatedthe same – meet only in a public place, preferably with people you knowpresent. Some people seeking a date with you will have a naturalaversion to meeting up in too much of a hectic environment – fearsperhaps of not being able to get in on conversations between oldfriends, or fears over the possibility of sniping from a secret admireror venomous ex.

However, any sane online dating mate will agree tomeet in a public place, and anyone who pushes for a private meeting isbeing creepy – that’s the big warning sign.

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