Relationship – Do Opposites Really Attract?

Relationship – Do Opposites Really Attract?

We’veall heard the expression “opposites attract”, as if it’s somescientific formula like “whatever rises must eventually come down”. Youknow, like the laws of gravity. But the laws of attraction seem to bebased more on art, or personality or personal history, than science.

How could Marilyn Monroe, theextroverted sex goddess of the 20th century, maintain a greatrelationship with the introverted playwright and intellectual, ArthurMiller? She couldn’t – the relationship and marriage eventually failed.

How do we define opposites? Age,culture, appearance, interests, personalities, ethnicity, race, orintellect? Do some individuals fall for certain partners because theypossess skills or qualities that they lack, such as the pragmaticlawyer or accountant becoming enchanted with the Goth performanceartist or tattooed screenwriter.

 Why would a former supermodel andsinger, Carla Bruni, get seduced by a stiff and wiry politicalstatesman like Sarkofsky? Power? Perhaps – even the former U.S.Secretary of State Henry Kissinger once said, “power is the greatestaphrodisiac”. Since former ubermodel Carla already had the opportunityto romance with Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton, maybe her opposite,President Sarkofsy, would be a nice change. So far – it looks like arelationship made in Paradise – so maybe opposites can attract.

Before you find your “potentialsoulmate” in someone who is the opposite of you, it would be good toask yourself these questions and discover why you are attracted to thisperson.

1) Do you find this person fascinating or intriguing because of these differences, or qualities you feel you lack?
2) Doyou feel these differences will create excitement only in the shortterm, and can be challenging for a long-term relationship?
3) Do you feel you are attracted to this person, as some kind of rebellion, acting against accepted cultural or family norms?
4) Do you feel your relationship is based on the “opposite” factor?
5) Can you both communicate well despite the differences?
6) Does the “opposite” factor enhance your relationship or attraction, or just really complicate it?
7) What kinds of conflicts do the contrasts create?
8) If the other person were more like you, would you still have the same attraction?
Loveand attraction are some of the greatest mysteries. How else can youexplain the long-term relationship of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, orPrince Charles and Camilla? Prince Charming must be in the eyes of thebeholder or the opposite, or someone who might need Lasik surgery?