Reasons Why You May Still Be Single

It’s sad to think there might be something you are doing to keep youfrom finding your soul mate, but often it can be true. And of course,the first step to changing your behavior is to realize some of thethings you might be doing wrong. Here are a few common missteps thatmany people are unaware they are doing…

You let your careerrun your life. Of course being driven and determined are greatqualities to have however there needs to be a clear line between yourpersonal and professional life.
If you are on the dating scenebut are rarely free to give time to others than most likely you won’tbe able to sustain any kind of relationship either. Remember, lifeisn’t only about working so set aside time for yourself (and hopefullya significant other) as much as possible.

You’re setting yoursights too high. We often want to find the perfect match, our soulmate,but as we get older we seem to get more and more selective and criticalof whom we choose. If your criteria and standards are extremely high,and in some cases unrealistic, this could be the reason why you stillhaven’t found anyone. Try and give select people a shot, even if youknow there are some things you many not like, you may find lots moregreat qualities about that person than you thought.

You’re notmaking yourself available. This is another common mistake singles have.It’s fine to be shy or reserved but if you aren’t putting yourself outthere you can’t expect to meet anyone new. Give online dating a try; ittakes some of the anxieties of dating out of the picture because youcan chat online first.

You’re too stubborn for your own good.Finding a match can be tricky but it’s almost always about being ableto compromise. If you like things done a particular way and can’t letgo of some control you will have a hard time letting another humanbeing in. Relationships are about patience, sharing and finding middleground so start loosening up your reins today!