Picking Your Battles- How to Better Your Relationships

Sometimes you’re not in a great mood, other times it may haveabsolutely nothing to do with you and your partner may not be in thebest mood, no matter what the reasons there are just those days thateverything seems to get on your last nerve.

Believe it or notthe start of many arguments in a relationship is often caused simplybecause of outside circumstances that may have nothing at all to dowith the actual relationship. So here are a few tips to follow if youfind yourself getting angry for no reason at all. Some of these may beeasier said than done, but if you try to put yourself in the mindsetthat you know you are better off fixing something before it breaks thanyou will be on your way to the right path.

Firstly, alwaysremember that everyone can have a bad day, so if your partner isseeming ruffled or bothered on a particular day this may be a good dayto stay out of their hair and perhaps it’s the wrong day to discuss akitchen renovation or the money that you just spent on the credit card.If you are finding that you are having a slightly bad day it may be agood idea to consider discussing certain situations on the days tofollow as well.

If you find yourself in a situation where youare already in an argument sometimes it helps to simply take a break,say you will go for a walk and think about things, sometimes the timeoff will help both of you to cool off and then you will both see thingsin a different and perhaps much brighter light the second time around.

Allin all, there are often simply bigger fish to fry, just remember thatyou are with each to help each other and make life better, not theother way around. If you both remind each other of the things you loveabout each other you are already onto a great life together. Justremember not to compromise that which is important to you.