Penpal Dating

Penpal Dating

Millions of people log onto the world of online dating every day.  These different dating sites offer people a way to meet other singles in their area that share common interests and characteristics.  There are many different types of online dating that can offer users a unique experience but none can offer the personalization or charm of something called penpal dating.

Before the Internet came along many people communicated by writing letters.  A penpal was a person that lived a long distance away.  To communicate with this person you would write letters to him or her.  The concept is interesting because the other person may be someone that you have never even met.  Having a penpal allowed you to share a bond with someone of a different culture or environment.  Sadly, because of today’s technology, namely email and the Internet, the concept of a penpal has basically died. 

Now there is a growing fad of people who are bringing back the old ways of penpal dating.  They are committed that by writing letters people share a bond over a physical object (paper and ink) that leads to a more intimate relationship than electronic communication can offer.

The problem with penpal dating is that it may be difficult to meet a person that is culturally different than you and lives a long distance away.  Ironically, the thing that killed penpal dating (the internet), is now bringing it back into popularity.  The web is now offering sites that promote and set up different people as penpals for dating. 

To find a site that will help you get in contact with a penpal, all you need to do is run a search in a search engine about penpal dating.  These sites will be able to get you in contact with a person that you can start a relationship with through letters.