Online Dating Pictures

Dos and don’ts for free dating site pictures

 Most of us would like to see the thing what they are buying. It ishighly unlikely that a woman would purchase a gold or diamond ringwithout ever seeing it. But, strangely enough, many people who areinvolved in online dating sites are still hesitant to post theirphotographs on the site. They are perhaps totally unaware of the factthat almost 95% of people on free dating sites only look for those whohave posted a photo of themselves.

The reluctance may be because of their lack of confidence or thefeeling that they do not look attractive enough. The truth is, you arewhat you are. Put your best out there and you’ll certainly much betterchance to find someone you were looking for. 

 You should understand that even if you do not post your picture,the other person will still form a mental image of your appearance. Andwhen he/she eventually meets you in person, the jolt that they receiveon seeing you could mark the end of your budding relationship.Therefore it is always best to put a photo in ones dating profile

 On the other hand, those who post their photos often make somecommon mistakes. Let us have a look at the mistakes. The photos may beblurry, old, taken with a group, out of focus, sexually offensive, toosomber for comfort, in bad attire, and so on. In fact, the list couldbe almost endless depending on the varied tastes and preferences ofpeople. 

 A good photo will be a great weapon to impress others. You canreally post some excellent pictures of yourself by following thesesimple tips.

 1) To start with, have your picture taken by a professional. Theissue concerned is your love life, so it demands a lot of seriousness.

 2) Smile. There are no two ways about it. You will look better anddidn’t you know that a nice smile can draw more people towards you.

 3) Post a  photo taken recently, preferably nothing more than oneyear old. There are so many times when an online dater finds to his/herdismay that the potential dating partner is ten years older in reallife than his/her photo showed.

 4) Post not one, but several photos if your dating site allows. The more photos the better your results.

 5) Avoid posting group photos. Remember, the person at the otherend wants to see you, and not your brother-in-law or the family nextdoor.

So, if you avoid the mistakes and carefully follow these simpletips, chances are that you would find a suitable partner soon enough.Good luck!