Online Dating: Pay VS Free

There is a constant battle in the online industry for similar servicesthat are offered at a cost versus a service of the same nature that isoffered free of charge. Sometimes the services or products are quitesimilar in nature but are offered pay versus free.

There issomething that should be said in order to understand the concept ofgetting a service for free online; if a service is offered completelyfree of charge to the end user it does not mean that the service is bador of lesser quality.

What this simply means is that there areother sources of revenue that could be paying for the service. Let’stake online dating as an example. There are plenty of online datingsites that charge a monthly subscription fee and then there are plentyof dating websites that are free for people to use as they please.

Thesites that are free are likely making money in other departments suchas advertising and links instead of charging their client base amonthly premium. There are a few differences that people may notice inthe pay sites versus the free sites.

Free sites may oftentimes have less features than those sites that have a monthly chargeassociated with them. But in either case all sites cover the basics ofan online dating site.
As long as the site is a safe source anddoes not ask you for personal banking information or does not sell yourinformation to other sources then you can feel safe on that website.