Lindsay Lohan Joins Online Dating Site

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly become a member of an online dating site.She is rumored to have broken up with current girlfriend and is lookingto find love online.

Many are saying that this is potentiallya joke and there are actually people posing as Lindsay pretending to beher and joining under false pretences and claiming that they areactually Lindsay when in fact they are simply tricking others intobelieving they are her.

Celebrities are the primarypersonality that is faked on internet dating sites. It is a good ideato be somewhat weary when starting up a conversation on a datingwebsite with someone that claims to be a celebrity.

Famouspeople are commonly very private and keep away from online datingbecause they are afraid to be stocked and manipulated in other ways. Soit is a good idea to do some research on the people that you aretalking to if it appears that the situation is a little too good to betrue.

Online dating searches attempt to do the best they canin making sure that people are actually who they claim to be but theycan only do so much without being overly invasive. That being said thesites are very good at weeding out the people that are there for thewrong reasons and so if there are people like that on the site that youuse chances are they will not be there for a long time.