Great Ways to End a Date

Good date, bad date, either way it has to end at some point. But howyou would like it to end and how you go about taking the next steps (ornot) depends on what you say and do at the end of the first date.

Ifyou’re on a horrible date or you just haven’t felt that connection it’sbest to be polite, ride it out until your earliest chance to leaveappears. Unless it’s the most disastrous date in history, don’t justjump up mid-conversation and give some lame excuse and leave. Eitherway you cut it, no one wants to feel dumped on the spot. If you reallycan’t bear the thought of continuing the date, wait for a suitable timeto make your exit, say, when dinner is over.
Again, be polite,tell the other person you’ve had a good time but unfortunately youhaven’t felt a connection. If you’re on a great date and you want tobook another one, express to the other person what a great time you’rehaving and see if they echo that feeling. This will help you test outthe waters to see if asking for a second date is warranted. If you’vefound something in common like art galleries, bring up a new exhibityou’re dying to see and suggest you go together!

If you’realready at the end of the date and you feel you could land anotherdate, be brave and just asked! It may be a bit scary but it’s the onlyway to ensure that second date. A casual “I had a great time, I’d loveto go out again if you’re up for it” is simple and effective but alsooffers the other person a chance to voice their feelings. Above all,just be honest – remember there is a difference between honestly andbluntness. You may need to sugar coat it if you’ve just been on theworst date ever, but there is no point in pretending or lying aboutyour time together. Honesty is key, and trust me, your date willappreciate it!