Getting Ready for a First Date

The process of getting ready both physically and emotionally for afirst date can be a very stressful thing. No matter whether you wereset up on a blind date, whether you met the person through an onlinedating site or if you have been friends for a long time and now aredeciding to date each other, the first date can make or break therelationship.

A few things to consider when preparing for thedate; do not over do it! We can’t stress enough how important it is tojust be yourself. Now that’s not to say that you shouldn’t put on alittle make-up, you should dress nice and smell nice, but there isabsolutely no reason to put on a ball gown unless that’s part of yourdaily attire. If you set the bar too, too high you won’t be able tokeep up with yourself for the second date.

With regards topreparing your mindset for the date, think about conversation topics,things you would like to discuss, consider some questions that you maywant to ask the person, think about things you may want to reveal aboutyourself. But keep in mind that you would like to be interesting thenext time and the time after that as well so don’t give up all yoursecrets on the first date.

Most importantly, stay true toyourself. If you keep with who you are and what you are really like ina day-to-day situation you will have absolutely no problem. Leave thenerves at the door and hope for the best because after all, you canprepare all you like but if its not meant to be there is little chancethat it will be.