Dating Do’s And Don’ts

If you are looking for a list of things to keep you on the right pathduring the first few meetings or first dates that you will be havingwith that great person you met through an online dating service youhave come to the right place.

Continue to read on for somegreat tips and pointers of things you should and probably should not bedoing in order to keep the significant other interested and wanting tosee you yet again after the first encounter and beyond.

Firstly,try to be yourself, there is a certain comfort over computercommunication that allows you to feel great in your own shoes, however,once you meet in person that comfort is automatically removed becauseyou are not sitting in your own home anymore. People tend to put on ashow or another persona when they meet but remember the person likesyou for who you were online so if you continue to be that way chancesare you will be off to a great start.

Always remember to keepit fairly light. Do not get into too many deep conversations abouteither of your pasts (apart from telling them about your criminalrecord if you have one). Keep it nice, discuss hobbies, things you likeand other common interests you may have. No need to take about whatyour previous relationship had or didn’t have.

Here is a greatguide to follow- if you would feel even slightly uncomfortable sayingwhat you are going to say or if you second guess yourself then itsbetter not to mention that thought just yet. Basically, if you wouldn’ttell something to a complete stranger in a line up, keep it for anothertime when you really get to know this person