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YOUAND.ME GETAWAY CONTEST – win a cruise and $500

Dear Youand.Me Member

Youand.Me,the coolest online dating site with over 500 new members joining everyday!, is offering a HOT Getaway Excursion for our members who can get 2friends to join the site
www.Youand.Me by April 16.

We are sponsoring and offering a contest for membersof all ages (at least 18, of course) who would like to take a 4 daycruise in May aboard a cruise ship, launching in Miami, with stops inKey West and Cozumel. Youand.Me will pay for you and a friend to comeaboard and cruise plus $500 to use on the cruise. Also Youand.ME willprovide packages of chocolates to 5 friends that the winners got tojoin Youand.Me. The chocolates are  from the shopping page:

To all those eligible:
For the 4-Day CaribbeanCruise or the Choclate , you need to get 2 persons to join YOUAND.ME.No age restrictions. These persons must be and remain active members upuntil at least the contest ends.

Simply log in to Youand.Me and go here:
and invite at least 2 of your friends to join
You will then automaticly join the contest, as soon as they have joined the site.

You need to act fast, and winners will be announced the third week in April!
YOUAND.ME speaks the International language – Love – and it also promotes fun and good times.

We will do a random drawing and announce the winners.

Just remember, what happens on the cruise stays onthe cruise. If you can upload photos to the site during orafter the trip, that would be great. Please note. YOUAND.ME takes noresponsibility for anything that goes on during these trips, except ifyou fall in love or find a love connection!

Be safe, & careful! Explore and have fun! And refer your friends to YOUAND.ME now to become eligible.

No restrictions, except the obvious age requirement,and the possibility of needing a passport, and your referred friendsbeing active members.

Good luck. So bring some friends aboard YOUAND.ME – Simply log in to your account at www.Youand.Me and go here and invite at least 2 of your friends to join : maybe soon we will be able to chart a passage through the Tropicsfor you and a friend, relative, or companion! Bon Voyage! .

Also Youand.ME is sponsoring a “sweet” contest,offering packages of chocolates to the first five members who make 40nice posts on the dating forum.You need to sweeten the tongue. Just posting, “Hi, all” or “Agree”really won’t qualify as a post. Each post must be a minimum of at least20 words and contrubute to the thread of the discussion. So join theforum and post and YOUAND.ME will seduce you and romance you withchocolates. 

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