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Picking Your Battles- How to Better Your Relationships

Sometimes you’re not in a great mood, other times it may haveabsolutely nothing to do with you and your partner may not be in thebest mood, no matter what the reasons there are just those days thateverything seems to get on your last nerve.

Believe it or notthe start of many arguments in a relationship is often caused simplybecause of outside circumstances that may have nothing at all to dowith the actual relationship. So here are a few tips to follow if youfind yourself getting angry for no reason at all. Some of these may beeasier said than done, but if you try to put yourself in the mindsetthat you know you are better off fixing something before it breaks thanyou will be on your way to the right path.

Firstly, alwaysremember that everyone can have a bad day, so if your partner isseeming ruffled or bothered on a particular day this may be a good dayto stay out of their hair and perhaps it’s the wrong day to discuss akitchen renovation or the money that you just spent on the credit card.If you are finding that you are having a slightly bad day it may be agood idea to consider discussing certain situations on the days tofollow as well.

If you find yourself in a situation where youare already in an argument sometimes it helps to simply take a break,say you will go for a walk and think about things, sometimes the timeoff will help both of you to cool off and then you will both see thingsin a different and perhaps much brighter light the second time around.

Allin all, there are often simply bigger fish to fry, just remember thatyou are with each to help each other and make life better, not theother way around. If you both remind each other of the things you loveabout each other you are already onto a great life together. Justremember not to compromise that which is important to you.

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By Michael Gilbert

Commitment-shy men. It’s an age old issue, thesource of countless personal aches and social pains, leaving an endlesstrail of wrecked relationships in its wake and a universe ofwhat-might-have-beens. Women can be skittish about making a commitment,of course, but men have raised it to an art form. Why?

Evolutionists, looking for answers in our biology andnatural history, are inclined to see males as the all-terrain vehiclesof insecurity. Women’s bodies move to lunar rhythms and experience thegender reinforcing transformations of menstruation and pregnancy.Bearing one male seed at a time, sensing the ongoing responsibilitiesof parenting, females look to a settled future.

But the ancient jungles and savannas where the modernmale’s hard-wiring was installed were dangerous places, harshlandscapes of deadly warfare, fierce male competition and banishment,and widespread infant mortality. Spared the consequences of pregnancy,mindful of their offspring’s perilous prospects, a male strategy ofplanting seeds far and wide worked its way deep into the modern man’spsyche.

Or maybe men just figured out that sexual variety was the way to some real good times.


You’ve got to bekidding? Forever?! Never again may I frolic with another woman? Yikes!This prospect alone is sufficient to discourage many males, even thosewho rarely, if ever, get laid. Not without a fight will young malehunters surrender to this forbidding future.

Seeing himself entangledin interpersonal complications the 21st century male views commitmentas mostly limits and compromises. He won’t get to do what he wants alot of the time, a burden he’ll bear as the price of sexual intimacyfor only so long—or with a grudge.

Suddenlythere are strange looking garments in the dryer and the bathroomcounter has been appropriated by bazaar instruments and ointments he’snever heard of. Nothing’s where it’s supposed to be and time is nowdevoted to stuff he never did and doesn’t want to do. Somehow he’sbecome responsible for someone else’s happiness.

He saw his fatherstruggling with these limitations—that is, if his father was around atall. There’s a good chance today’s maturing male grew up in a brokenhome and/or witnessed his father struggling with fidelity and theresponsibilities of providing for a wife and family.

A product oftoday’s politically-correct culture and educational system, young menoften see women as being the same as they are, except for some amusingdifferences in their plumbing system. In our “liberated” culture themodern man may not even have to pay for dinner, let alone commit toserious responsibility. And if he’s been through divorce and custodybattles the scars may take forever to heal.

You’ve heard this one before—it’s the old “why buy the cow if you get the milk for free” thing. Enough said.

Therecomes a time when the modern man tires of the chase, sees friendsgetting married and senses time is passing. He begins to long for alife partner and a family. Men don’t commit when they find a compatiblepartner: they find a compatible partner when they’re ready to commit.This is what marriage-minded women need to look out for.


Maybe. Does it look like he’s tired of the dating ratrace? Will he accept something less than perfection? Or is he lookingfor Wonder Woman in a swimsuit model? Is there a sense he’s ready towork on problems? Are his assumptions about living together reasonable?Is he settled in a job or career, confident about meeting yourexpectations?
If you like the answers to most of thesequestions—and it will take some time to find out—the man in your lifeis marriage-minded. In that case, here are a few ideas to keep in mind.(If he’s not ready, you’re on your own.)

It’s no big deal if his eyeswander once in a while. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t prize you or thinkyou’re hot; it means he’s a male. Encourage him go out with his malepals (you can head out with your girlfriends). Show him it’s not aprison he’s entering but a fulfilling adventure.

Men do notenjoy a lot of relationship processing. Do not sweat the small stuff,and resist the need to exhume past history. Instead talk only about thebig stuff, the issues that are really important to you. And bring thisup when he seems relaxed and open.

Except inrelatively rare circumstances, ultimatums and deadlines are useless,even destructive. Which doesn’t mean you have to live with currentcircumstances if they’re not to your taste. What it means is thatultimatums should be reasonable and—most important—you have to mean it.If your deadlines come and go, and you’re still there, you’ve announcedthat ultimatums aren’t really important. Not good.

On our progressive culture’s way to sexualequality young males have been relieved of many traditionalresponsibilities. At the same time, they’ve gained easier access to thesexual intimacy they crave. We are living in a time when little isasked of men. Which often means little is offered. Yet, as always, thewomb cries out in youthful women who long for a partner to share theburdens and joys of an enduring relationship, marriage and family. Toget there, women need to surmount both new social expectations andancient male instincts. If they succeed, both men and women will reapthe rewards.


Michael Gilbert is’s consultingeditor and author of The Disposable Male: Sex, Love and Money—YourWorld through Darwin’s Eyes. ( He explores gender and relationship issues at the University of Southern California.

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Relationship – Do Opposites Really Attract?

Relationship – Do Opposites Really Attract?

We’veall heard the expression “opposites attract”, as if it’s somescientific formula like “whatever rises must eventually come down”. Youknow, like the laws of gravity. But the laws of attraction seem to bebased more on art, or personality or personal history, than science.

How could Marilyn Monroe, theextroverted sex goddess of the 20th century, maintain a greatrelationship with the introverted playwright and intellectual, ArthurMiller? She couldn’t – the relationship and marriage eventually failed.

How do we define opposites? Age,culture, appearance, interests, personalities, ethnicity, race, orintellect? Do some individuals fall for certain partners because theypossess skills or qualities that they lack, such as the pragmaticlawyer or accountant becoming enchanted with the Goth performanceartist or tattooed screenwriter.

 Why would a former supermodel andsinger, Carla Bruni, get seduced by a stiff and wiry politicalstatesman like Sarkofsky? Power? Perhaps – even the former U.S.Secretary of State Henry Kissinger once said, “power is the greatestaphrodisiac”. Since former ubermodel Carla already had the opportunityto romance with Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton, maybe her opposite,President Sarkofsy, would be a nice change. So far – it looks like arelationship made in Paradise – so maybe opposites can attract.

Before you find your “potentialsoulmate” in someone who is the opposite of you, it would be good toask yourself these questions and discover why you are attracted to thisperson.

1) Do you find this person fascinating or intriguing because of these differences, or qualities you feel you lack?
2) Doyou feel these differences will create excitement only in the shortterm, and can be challenging for a long-term relationship?
3) Do you feel you are attracted to this person, as some kind of rebellion, acting against accepted cultural or family norms?
4) Do you feel your relationship is based on the “opposite” factor?
5) Can you both communicate well despite the differences?
6) Does the “opposite” factor enhance your relationship or attraction, or just really complicate it?
7) What kinds of conflicts do the contrasts create?
8) If the other person were more like you, would you still have the same attraction?
Loveand attraction are some of the greatest mysteries. How else can youexplain the long-term relationship of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, orPrince Charles and Camilla? Prince Charming must be in the eyes of thebeholder or the opposite, or someone who might need Lasik surgery?

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Signs of a Breakup

Signs of a breakup?


Unfortunately, there isn’t a warranty of a guarantee on relationships lasting.  Even in what you think is the most perfect relationship ever, there is always a possibility that directions will change, personalities modified becoming incompatible or even problems that come up that can’t be remedied.  You can try your best to look out for signs of trouble and try to turn it around before it is too late.


Most breakups are usually decided upon by women.  Of course, it takes two to tango, because a one person tango is really ridiculous looking.  In research from 2008 women that were polled on the reason they initiated a breakup gave the reason of “intuition.”  It was stated that intuition told them that their partner was up to something no good and instead of sticking around they went with their intuition. 


Some really clear-cut signs that your relationship might be headed for the end are if there are more fights about little things happening, your partner forgets those dates that are important and your partner has started looking at dating sites.  Obviously, if your partner is looking at dating sites that should be in that range of 90-100% certainty.  Don’t be so quick to judge though, make sure that those sites aren’t just from email advertisements that they may have clicked. 


In combination the following behaviors would be a really strong indicator.  Are they being more secretive, are they re-establishing friendships with former lovers, changing their routine and spending less time with you?  If you are noticing these patterns then it may be too late.  The sooner you can address these issues then the better chance that you may have of fixing the problem.  There is always room for discussion and if that’s productive, that might have been all it took, but on the most part these are clear signs of an impending break up.

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