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Lindsay Lohan Joins Online Dating Site

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly become a member of an online dating site.She is rumored to have broken up with current girlfriend and is lookingto find love online.

Many are saying that this is potentiallya joke and there are actually people posing as Lindsay pretending to beher and joining under false pretences and claiming that they areactually Lindsay when in fact they are simply tricking others intobelieving they are her.

Celebrities are the primarypersonality that is faked on internet dating sites. It is a good ideato be somewhat weary when starting up a conversation on a datingwebsite with someone that claims to be a celebrity.

Famouspeople are commonly very private and keep away from online datingbecause they are afraid to be stocked and manipulated in other ways. Soit is a good idea to do some research on the people that you aretalking to if it appears that the situation is a little too good to betrue.

Online dating searches attempt to do the best they canin making sure that people are actually who they claim to be but theycan only do so much without being overly invasive. That being said thesites are very good at weeding out the people that are there for thewrong reasons and so if there are people like that on the site that youuse chances are they will not be there for a long time.

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Duffy May Log on to Internet Dating

The British sensation Duffy may be popular all around the world butthis is making it very difficult for her to concentrate on her lovelife.

Reports are saying that the singer/song writer has saidthat because she spends a large majority of her time performing,recording and practicing when she is not doing the previous, she doesnot have any time at all to focus on pursuit of romance.

Allthis combined, she has said that it would not be a bad idea for her tojoin an internet dating website and perhaps take an attempt at meetinga significant other through the web.

Duffy is currently 24years old and has been performing for quite a serious part of her life.The singer says that she even finds it hard for herself to get sometime in for sleeping. So finding a boyfriend is definitely not first onher list in terms of spare time.

The singer has had a seriesof bad relationships and says that she would be looking for someonethat is laid back and could handle her lifestyle that includes loads oftravel and probably much time apart from whoever the lucky guy may be.

Whetheror not she will give online dating a chance is currently up in the air.But chances are even if she decides to take the plunge she will likeuse an alias for starters not to attract too much attention.

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Online Speed Dating

A lot of people that have been in the market to meet that specialsomeone are familiar with all types of services and types of datingthat are available to them in order to help facilitate the meeting ofthat special someone.

From online dating chat rooms to blinddates to speed dating there are quite a few different methods offinding a date. Now there are two methods that are coming together tocreated the ultimate super date. Speed dating meets online dating forthe first time and all you require is your computer and internetaccess.

The concept of speed dating is when there are severalindividuals all getting to chat and meet each other for about 5 minutesat a time before moving on to the next candidate.

Onlinedating probably does not require much explanation but for those thatwant a quick description: online dating is when you create a profileonline can use this to view other profiles on the internet with theintention of meeting someone online.

Many are familiar withSkype which is a service that provides free international and nationalcalling over the internet. The company has now added a service thatwill all users to and a Skyecandy function which in turn will allowthem to speed date online.

Only time will tell if this is agood idea or if there are just to many services that are going onlineand making things completely in personal. But in the meantime pleasefeel free to try it out and be sure to include your feedback!

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A new Twist on Online Dating

There’s a new online dating website that will be hitting the net with acompletely new and quite respectable twist on the online dating scene.The website will be called and is aimed at bringingtogether singles that like to participate in charity events and havephilanthropy at the top of their hobby list.

Giveanddate.comis planning on grouping themselves with some very popular charities andothers that are smaller in nature in order to offer offline events thatsingles can meet at and feel good at while helping another cause aswell.

The premise behind the company is that dating issupposed to be something that helps people feel rather good about whatthey are doing and themselves as a whole so grouping the idea withcharity and charitable work will help people that have the same ideason philanthropy meet and get together.

Online dating has beenpretty straight forward for the most part. Most websites are based onseveral things; sometimes nothing at all, sometimes sexual orientationand preference, sometimes religion and even social status. Most sitesdo not consider hobbies and other interests as a primary factor andthis is why thinks they will have an edge.

Chancesare this site won’t be for everyone but it will be for those thatdevote a major part of their life to giving to others and will surelybring similar spirits of that sort together to perhaps make a matchthat wouldn’t have happened without this site.

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