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The Online Dating Rebounder

The rebounder – one guy that you won’t want to come across while online dating

There is one guy that you should try to avoid at all costs when it comes to finding awesome men during online dating – the rebounder. This guy will not be over his ex, will be interested in your for a while but is then likely to give it all up when the ex either clicks her fingers or he thinks he has a chance again and finally, will talk about her and the way that the relationship ended full stop. In the short term, this will not be a fun relationship for you to embark on.

So, how do you spot the rebound guy?
One thing that you will want to take a closer look at is the ex-girlfriend “bashing” that is on the profile page. This will be your first hint. If he still thinks about her enough to put details of it on a page that is dedicated to meeting new dates, he thinks about her too much! You may also want to take a look at phrases such as “I’m looking for someone that will love me for me and not change every tiny thing about me” This generally looks to most people as if someone has done this criticizing to him before and it still bothers him.

What will happen if I date the rebound guy? If you are looking for a little bit of fun rather than a serious relationship then the rebound guy could be what you are looking for but in reality, you are not likely to have that much fun. You may find that you are spending entire weekends listening to him slag off his ex to within an inch of her life and generally being bitter about women in general. Of course it might even go the other way, if he was treated badly by his ex then he may be eternally grateful for the affection you are showing him but this is likely to get annoying very quickly!

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Online Dating Tips

Online Dating Tips

Online dating opportunities are used bypeople to make various relationships such as friendship, love orromance or more. Online dating services help you to meet new peopleand make connections in an easy way. One of the most significantbenefit of online dating is it helps you to contact to severalprospects simultaneously.

The following are some tips to improveyour online dating experience and to bring about good results.

  • Be Confident: It isnecessary to be confident when you present yourself to meet someoneonline. Be positive minded and friendly while communicating withsomeone on dating.

  • Build a Good Profile:Create a lively, fun and positive profile. If you are looking for aspecific type of person, clearly say it in your profile. Update yourprofile from time to time and this will make your profile reachableto more people.

  • Post Recent Photos: One ofthe most important elements that attract people towards your profileis a good photo. Always try to post recent, lively photos to yourprofile. Use good quality pictures to grab more attention.

  • Maintain Truthfulness:Being honest and truthful will definitely ensure a successful onlinedating experience. Always be honest in everything you say and post.Telling the truth will increase the chances of finding the rightperson who you are compatible with.

  • Prioritize profiles: As youare going through an unlimited number of profiles, it is not easyfor you to choose a right one within a limited time. The best way isto organize and prioritize your contacts. You can prioritizecontacts which you may find more interested and communicate withthem at first.

  • Be Available & Responsive:Regular online communication is necessary in online dating world.Always set a specific time to spend on chat room. People like toreceive quick responses and respond to email messages timely.

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Tips for Creating a Good Dating Profile

Tips for Creating aGood Dating Profile

If you want enter into the world ofonline dating, first thing you have to do is to create a good datingprofile. As online dating is the best way to meet some specialpeople, composing a good profile will definitely bring great results.

Most of the online dating sites allowyou to create a free dating profile. Creating a good dating profilewill increase your chances for finding the perfect match. The datingprofile you create should reflect your personality and interests. Agood profile will help you to connect with someone who has thesimilar interests.

When you start to create an Internetdating profile, there are a lot of things to consider.

Post Quality Profile Photo: Asmost people are attracted by the appearance, posting a good qualityphoto is important in a dating profile. A neat profile photo is bestway to present yourself as an attractive date. Profiles withoutphotos are commonly ignored by people. Do not post photos that arefuzzy, dark or taken at odd angles. Make sure your photo is clear andrealistic.

Use a Catchy Profile Title:Sometimes people do not wish to read the whole profile; they justread the profile title. Adding a great title will definitely attractpeople towards your profile. Do not use previously used or over-usedtitles or clichés. Create a profile title that is witty andattractive.

Tell People About You: You cansimply tell about yourself in pretty short words. Instead of justusing generic words, describe your interests in phrases to make itmore expressive. Always avoid writing long descriptions aboutyourself. Share people about your interests and activities as peopleget an idea about your personality. Describe about your hobbies in alittle funny way. It is also important to use the proper spelling andgrammar. You can also create a realistic description of your idealdate.

Creating a unique online dating profilewill definitely connect with you the right person you are lookingfor. Take enough time to compose a good profile and be creative whiledescribing yourself.

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Online Dating Pictures

Dos and don’ts for free dating site pictures

 Most of us would like to see the thing what they are buying. It ishighly unlikely that a woman would purchase a gold or diamond ringwithout ever seeing it. But, strangely enough, many people who areinvolved in online dating sites are still hesitant to post theirphotographs on the site. They are perhaps totally unaware of the factthat almost 95% of people on free dating sites only look for those whohave posted a photo of themselves.

The reluctance may be because of their lack of confidence or thefeeling that they do not look attractive enough. The truth is, you arewhat you are. Put your best out there and you’ll certainly much betterchance to find someone you were looking for. 

 You should understand that even if you do not post your picture,the other person will still form a mental image of your appearance. Andwhen he/she eventually meets you in person, the jolt that they receiveon seeing you could mark the end of your budding relationship.Therefore it is always best to put a photo in ones dating profile

 On the other hand, those who post their photos often make somecommon mistakes. Let us have a look at the mistakes. The photos may beblurry, old, taken with a group, out of focus, sexually offensive, toosomber for comfort, in bad attire, and so on. In fact, the list couldbe almost endless depending on the varied tastes and preferences ofpeople. 

 A good photo will be a great weapon to impress others. You canreally post some excellent pictures of yourself by following thesesimple tips.

 1) To start with, have your picture taken by a professional. Theissue concerned is your love life, so it demands a lot of seriousness.

 2) Smile. There are no two ways about it. You will look better anddidn’t you know that a nice smile can draw more people towards you.

 3) Post a  photo taken recently, preferably nothing more than oneyear old. There are so many times when an online dater finds to his/herdismay that the potential dating partner is ten years older in reallife than his/her photo showed.

 4) Post not one, but several photos if your dating site allows. The more photos the better your results.

 5) Avoid posting group photos. Remember, the person at the otherend wants to see you, and not your brother-in-law or the family nextdoor.

So, if you avoid the mistakes and carefully follow these simpletips, chances are that you would find a suitable partner soon enough.Good luck!

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