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One of the biggest trends as far as the singlescommunity is concerned in the modern day is the shift to free onlinedating. If you are a single person that thinks about dating on a fairlyfrequent basis, chances are that you are already aware of thisparticular trend. It comes about because of a confluence between thelower cost of online dating, the higher convenience of online datingand the current recessionary times that are forcing single people tocut back on their conventional dating expenses. People also appreciatebeing able to talk at length with people online and get to know thembefore going on an actual physical date because it allows them todevelop a more meaningful relationship before taking the plunge. If youare a single person that is interested in online dating, below are somestrategies that you can pursue.

Strategy #1: The mass appeal approach

This is perhaps the most innovative approach withFree online dating and it is one that a number of people like to try.The basic point of this approach is to contact as many people aspossible and then quickly narrow the field down based on initialcontact made with those people. The mass appeal approach is the onlineequivalent of speed dating, except different profiles on differentpeople give you the chance to really individualize your experiences andtherefore carry on much deeper communicative associations with peoplethan you would be able to with a speed dating service. The mass appealapproach is a real novelty the first time it is carried out, but themain downside is that not finding anyone once the narrowing downprocess is complete can be a really demoralizing event. For thisreason, caution is still required even when the mass appeal approach isemployed.

Strategy #2: The picky approach

The picky approach is essentially the opposite of themass appeal approach. Instead of adding a bunch of people to your listof prospective dates, you create a list that is quite small. The mainidea here is to find people that you really think you can get alongwith and that you find attractive in order to contact just those peopleand try to form some deep connections through communication. This is agreat way to do things within singles communities, especially forintroverted people that tend not to do well when they are forced tomeet a large number of strangers over a relatively small period of time.


Whether you choose the mass appeal approach, thepicky approach or something in between, singles have a great number ofoptions at their disposal where online dating is concerned. The doorsof opportunity have been opened wide as a result of online dating andsingles are ending up finding love in places they never thoughtpossible as a result of this excellent developed service. If you are asingle person, now is definitely the time to give a free dating site atry.

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Keeping it Short and Sweet Everyone knows of the KISS principal- keeping it short and sweet. Butdid you ever think of this and how it related to dating. Well the KISSprincipal can be applied to almost any part of online dating and simplydating in general. Firstly we will apply the KISS principal to chattingonline when you first see the profile of someone you like. It is alwaysa good idea to keep the first few conversation short and sweet, youwill let the other person that you are interested, tell them a bitabout yourself, ask them a few questions and then say goodbye untilnext time. Keeping the first few conversations this way makes the otherperson wanting more and leaves them wondering about you while you arenot there. This is also a good rule to use on the first few dates thatyou will go on with the person that you have met online. Planning thedates to be a shorter duration in the beginning is a great idea forseveral reasons. Firstly, if the date is going well then great! You canplan on something else to do together in the next little while. On theother hand, if the date is going badly, you will know that there is notmuch time left and as soon as its over you will never have to see thisperson again if you don’t want to. Keeping all new matters short andsweet is always a good idea on the off chance that things don’t workexactly as planned or exactly as you would have desired

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Free Dating Issues Handling Rejection

Free Dating Issues – Handling Rejection

Rejection is part of the dating game. Still, not many people know how to handle rejection from others or let them know that you are not interested in being with them. Many users of free dating sites also face similar situations.

If you have experienced rejection or are trying to move out of a relationship, it is important to handle it in the right way. How you cope with these awkward circumstances will depend on your situation, personality and willingness to choose the appropriate way out. You have the sole right to decide whether you want to pursue a relationship with someone or not. Getting out of a bad relationship in time is far better than delaying from fear of hurting another’s feelings.

When do you know that a relationship is bad?

Free dating sites offer common grounds for people to meet other and make new relationships. It is also the place for people to lose interest in or start disliking another person with whom they shared a positive relationship previously. The warning signs of a relationship going sour may be small changes like removing contact points, changing email addresses and editing screen names. Some people may even take the blunt approach and express their desire to break off contact with another. If you have not met each other in person or dated for a long time, this may be simpler. Sometimes, people turn offensive or obsessive about the other in a threatening way. All these are signs of a negative turn in a relationship formed through free dating sites.

How should you plan your actions?

The best time to break off a relationship is as soon as you realize that there is a problem that cannot be resolved. This is true for both traditional and online dating. Finding the problem is the hardest part for anyone involved in a relationship. It needs deep thought and insight into one’s own faults. If you can correct the reasons for your dislike of the other person, it can save your relation from breaking off. Don’t think that it will be any less painful to end a relationship after waiting for a suitable time.

What can you do to help the other person accept rejection?

At times, the other person may refuse to accept no for an answer. They may not be willing to handle rejection from you. Several cases of harassment or stalking have shown that breaking up with someone can prove to be much harder than you expect. An unhealthy relationship must not be prolonged after it has been recognized as inappropriate. While going through the process at free dating sites, you need to be extremely cautious and maintain anonymity till the time you are assured of a relationship with a genuine, normal person and not a fake, psychologically problematic person.  

What should you do if you get rejected?

Most of us have known the feeling of being rejected at some point in our lives. If you are rejected by someone you met online, it can be very disturbing and uncomfortable. Free dating sites can open vistas to dream dates but also make you feel dejected and depressed. If rejected, you must remember that every relationship does not lead to long term commitment or marriage.

Handling one rejection is usually not very hard but if it happens repeatedly, you should analyze your own shortcomings. Take help from your friends or family members to understand the reasons for your unsuccessful relationships. Maybe you do not open up to the other person and come across as aloof rather than shy. Perhaps, you rush a relationship to make the potential date comfortable but end up seeming desperate.

Once the problem has been recognized, change your attitude to ensure that you present your true personality to your free dating mates. In the meantime, have fun along the way and hopefully, you will find your true love soon!

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Free Dating News

Plenty of Fish Owner Searches Opens Paid Dating Site Earlier this year, Markus Frind – owner of the free online dating sitePlentyofFish,com — announced that he was searching for a site on whichto build a new dating network. He has recently set his eyes, and talks have begun between Frind and the site’sowner. His new site will come as big change to existing Plenty of Fishusers; it will require users to pay.

When Frind created Plentyof Fish in 2003, he was tired of seeing faceless dating corporationsprey on individuals who were simply looking for love. His mission wasto establish a free online dating site that put the customer before thecompany. In just over 5 years, Plenty of Fish has already earned itselfa reputation as one of the most popular dating sites on the web, with aTop Ten ranking in Canada, the US and the UK. All this time, Frind hasdecided to keep his site free, vowing to make a difference for othersrather than a profit for himself.

However, Frind has recentlydiscovered that he’s losing out on huge profits and has decided to cashin. Recently, he mentioned that since Plenty of Fish linked users tocompetitor sites, he was giving up millions of dollars in possiblerevenue. He decided that the only option was to obtain a paid datingsite or make his own. The result of his decision may now be Frind’smerger with or buyout of

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