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Religious and spiritual beliefs can be a huge part of someone’slifestyle and personality. A person’s religion and devoutness cangreatly affecting their home life, their professional life andespecially their love life. However, many online dating servicesneglect to take into account their clients’ religious beliefs. Forthose of you singles who use religion as a determining factor in yourromantic decisions or who are looking for a mate who are of a certainfaith, religious-based dating sites are therefore a great choice.That’s why is offering singles the chance to checkout their website this weekend for free!

From Friday, July 10 toSunday, July 12, the popular dating website is hosting a Free AccessWeekend, for any religious singles who are looking for love. The fullaccess membership gives users access to contact anyone of the website,view full profiles, upload photos and use their chat rooms. The websiteoffers several applications to members, to give them the chance to meetand talk to other singles who share their religious views.

CatholicSingles.comis the first website that to cater specifically to Catholics. It offersa variety of safe methods to seek and find your ideal match. It hasbeen the starting point for many long-term relationships and marriages,a fact that the operators of the site are very proud of. You can evenread success stories on their site, just to see how effective theirdating service is.

Even if you’re not Catholic, there are many dating sites out there that cater to specific religions, so check them out

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Acronyms used in Online Dating Sites

Acronyms used in Online Dating Sites

Just like in SMS and instant messaging conversations, there is someslang involved in an online dating adventure. It is good that you knowthese acronyms and short forms to be successful when using onlinedating services.

We have only listed a select few acronyms (and what they mean) thatfrequently occur in conversations and profiles made out on onlinedating services.

BDSM – This means Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism. BDSMactivities may not be overtly sexual, but these activities are usuallyeroticized by the participants.

BBW – This means Big Beautiful Woman. A neologic term often used bywomen who are slightly obese or overweight. This is often found ononline dating sites.

DDF – This refers to “Drug and Disease Free”. Somebody means he orshe does not consume any drugs and is relatively disease free.

DW followed by F or M. This means Divorced White Female (or male, asthe case may be). This too is common in online dating profiles.

NK – This means “No Kids”. It is found more on online dating profiles, not used in conversations.

LTR – This means the member is looking for Long Term Relationship.This is another common slang found in online dating profiles.

LGBT – This means “Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender”. This means theoriginal poster is looking for similar type of relationship partner.

NSA – No, this is not the National Security Agency, as you mightbelieve. When used as part of an online dating profile, it refers to“No Strings Attached”. It means the original poster is looking for acasual relationship with no obligation to continue seriously.

SB followed by F or M – As you may know already, this refers toSingle Black Female (or male, as the case may be). This is a commonterm found on online dating personal ads.

SWF – Often found in personal ads on dating sites, this term meansSingle White Female. Some people think it means Straight White Female.

TDH – This term is usually used by men in their personal ads ononline dating sites, and it stands for Tall, Dark and Handsome. Manymen put this because they think women are more attracted to TDH males.

W/E – This term may not need too much explanation, for it means“Well Endowed” and you can obviously guess its meaning. Often found inmale personal ads on online dating services.

WAA – Will Answer All. The original poster of the personal ad inquestion is saying he or she will answer all the responses, with a yesor no.

There are also a few more commonly used terms/acronyms used in online dating chats.

NOYB – This means None of Your Business, and the user is trying to put the other person in his or her place.

TAFN – This means that’s All for Now. Often used during the closing stages of a chat conversation on an online dating site.

ICBW – This expands to I Could Be Wrong. User is trying to make some educated guesses about the other personality.

These are just a few slang terms used on online dating services. Toknow more, you can search for ‘dating slang’ on the Internet.

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The place to start in online dating lies in asolid understanding of your goals. But whether you’re looking for aserious relationship, just casual dating for now, or you’re open toboth, the purpose of your profile is to make connections that open thedoor to personal contact. It’s not about telling your life story. Therewill be time for that. It’s about generating interest to get to thenext stage. is meant to be a fun and easy dating sitefor singles. We believe people are at their most appealing when they’remost at ease. Think of dating online as a scintillating adventure, achance to show the opposite sex who you are and, just maybe, find thelove of your life.

Before getting into your profile try two researchexercises. Check out the profiles of the opposite sex. This is youraudience. Are there common things in a prospect that seem to interestthem? Do they describe the qualities they’re looking for? Does thissuggest attributes of your own to highlight? Then look at thecompetition, the profiles that come up when the opposite sex looks forsomeone like you. Which ones strike you as appealing? Make notes.


Sleazy,vulgar, negative or other inappropriate usernames can kill it right atthe start. (It’s easy to change them.) Try something upbeat orinformative (FunnyGuy, NYCBlonde). Your profile’s headline is alsoimportant—it’s the first thing out of your mouth. Spend time on it. Bepositive, maybe playful. “Up For Sharing Great Times!” sure beats“Lonely 4U in Houston.”

Online dating ishot and getting hotter. Most everybody tries it. You’re not herebecause your mother insisted, or because you “just want to see who’sout there.” You’re single. You’re here to meet people and make aconnection—and so is everyone else.

We’re all looking for our soulmate. There’s room to mention your hopes and feelings—in fact, it’shighly recommended—but go easy on flowery words and poetry (unless,that is, you’re a poet). Speak directly, in your own voice. Use yourprofile to talk honestly about your values and the things that areimportant to you. Avoid overt references to sex. And don’t forget toproofread and spell-check. First impressions matter, neatness counts.Read your profile out loud: Does it sound like you?

Phrase things in a positive way;which means avoiding cynical rants about your exes or the opposite sex.Talk about what you like instead of what you don’t. “I’m attracted tohonest and sincere people,” sounds better than, “I’ve had it withplaying games.” Consider an inviting, inclusive approach using “you”and “we.” Avoid big greetings like “Hi Guys!” Assume you’re talkingdirectly to just one person. Humor is an absolute winner coming fromeither sex. Thank visitors for checking in.

In fact, avoid longanything. A profile isn’t a resume. It’s a teaser, a “trailer” designedto capture the audience’s attention so they’ll want to play a role inthe movie that is your life. When it comes to describing yourself—andwho you’re looking for—bring up just the three or four qualities thatreally matter to you. Long laundry lists limit your potential matchesand can even turn off qualified prospects.

…but they’renecessary. Otherwise most people (especially men) will simply take apass and move on. Your main picture should be fairly recent and showyou alone; no friends or cut-out exes, no nuzzling your dog, (and takeoff the sunglasses, dude). Give the viewer a clean shot of your faceand a sense of your body. You can have fun with other pictures youchoose to post but keep it to a select few.

Limit the complimentaryadjectives. Focus attention on a few key things about yourself thatyou’d like to get across. Subtle comments go along way to attractingothers. Instead of talking about how considerate you are describe anincident: Are you a big brother or big sister? Do you volunteer forsomething? Did you nurse a wounded bird last month before setting itfree? Did you just do the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu?

Women are interested in yourcircumstances and your prospects. Not because they’re gold diggers;because they’re carrying around survivor genes and face seriousbiological responsibilities. They get pregnant, infants cling to them.If things get serious women want to know you’re solid and dependable.Talk about your job, your hopes and ambitions. Suggest confidence inthe future and openness to a serious relationship. Most of them canspot a player from a mile away.

You don’t need to be rescued. Holdoff on mushy and cutesy—there will be time for that. Avoid negativityand endless details. (And hint at the unbridled passion that lies inwait for the right man.)

The object of aonline dating site is to move from screen to voice to meeting up.What’s the point in playing games? If you show up 30 pounds heavier,ten years older than what you stated in your profile, or bear only afaint resemblance to the pictures you posted you will likely end upwasting everybody’s time, especially your own. Then again, not everyoneplays by this rule. It’s estimated that at online dating sitesfrequented by mature members, average age postings are shaded by morethan three years. Does that mean posting your real age will have peopleassuming your older? (You’re on your own with this one.)

So have fun with your online dating profile. Takeyour time. Focus on the important stuff. Be yourself. It’s not life anddeath—it’s dating. The team at hopes you find your match, andwe’re here to make that dream happen!

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Your Dating Profile

Keeping Your Dating Profile Nice and Neat

After you have created your free dating site profile you will want to go over it and check for any spelling or grammatical errors.  When you are communicating with potential dating partners, try to use the spell check before you send a communication like a message or an email.  Your profile should be fun and your description should be succinct and accurate.  Remember, not to take the profile too seriously, but seriously enough.

It is completely fine to write exactly what you are looking for in a potential date.  People know what type of person they are attracted to and it is ok to be completely specific.  Don’t be offensive, but don’t be shy in stating your likes and dislikes.

You will want to keep your dating profile up to date.  Change it up about every two weeks with new information about what has been going on with you.  Do the same for your photos also. 

Remember not to divulge personal information.  If you feel comfortable with the person then it is ok, but don’t do it right away.  Make sure you know and trust the person enough to just let them know your name.  Most information that is given can be used to find out more information.  A simple Google search of someone’s email can divulge a lot of information that maybe you were not ready to give out yet.


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