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Lindsay Lohan Joins Online Dating Site

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly become a member of an online dating site.She is rumored to have broken up with current girlfriend and is lookingto find love online.

Many are saying that this is potentiallya joke and there are actually people posing as Lindsay pretending to beher and joining under false pretences and claiming that they areactually Lindsay when in fact they are simply tricking others intobelieving they are her.

Celebrities are the primarypersonality that is faked on internet dating sites. It is a good ideato be somewhat weary when starting up a conversation on a datingwebsite with someone that claims to be a celebrity.

Famouspeople are commonly very private and keep away from online datingbecause they are afraid to be stocked and manipulated in other ways. Soit is a good idea to do some research on the people that you aretalking to if it appears that the situation is a little too good to betrue.

Online dating searches attempt to do the best they canin making sure that people are actually who they claim to be but theycan only do so much without being overly invasive. That being said thesites are very good at weeding out the people that are there for thewrong reasons and so if there are people like that on the site that youuse chances are they will not be there for a long time.

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Online Speed Dating

A lot of people that have been in the market to meet that specialsomeone are familiar with all types of services and types of datingthat are available to them in order to help facilitate the meeting ofthat special someone.

From online dating chat rooms to blinddates to speed dating there are quite a few different methods offinding a date. Now there are two methods that are coming together tocreated the ultimate super date. Speed dating meets online dating forthe first time and all you require is your computer and internetaccess.

The concept of speed dating is when there are severalindividuals all getting to chat and meet each other for about 5 minutesat a time before moving on to the next candidate.

Onlinedating probably does not require much explanation but for those thatwant a quick description: online dating is when you create a profileonline can use this to view other profiles on the internet with theintention of meeting someone online.

Many are familiar withSkype which is a service that provides free international and nationalcalling over the internet. The company has now added a service thatwill all users to and a Skyecandy function which in turn will allowthem to speed date online.

Only time will tell if this is agood idea or if there are just to many services that are going onlineand making things completely in personal. But in the meantime pleasefeel free to try it out and be sure to include your feedback!

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Some Truths About Online Dating Companies

here are certainly some truths about online dating companies that thecompanies themselves don’t quite wear on their sleeves for all thepublic to know and see. And while these common misconceptions won’t belife changing (for the most part), it is still a good idea to keep yourfeet on the ground and not to get caught up in all the flowery thingsthat you may see on TV.

Sometimes advertisements on TV and onthe web appear much more positive than they actually are: Yes of coursethere are relationships that turn into happy marriages. But there arealso those that don’t turn out that way.

Online Datingservices always tend to promote their successes (as do most otherbusinesses) so you have to take everything with a slight grain of saltand consider reality. Yes you may get lucky and meet your happily everafter but you may also have to kiss a few frogs to get there. T

hereare also the personality tests that claim to match people togetherbased on their true inner behaviors. May this work sometimes? Yes itmay but sometimes you want to be with someone that isn’t your exactmatch and so there are quite a few people that they service is leavingout by offering these pre-screeners – so remember to look out forprofiles of those that don’t exactly match up but may be a great matchin the long run.

All in all online dating sites do try tobring some good into your life but are still trying to operate abusiness while making these love connections so if you are willing totake your love life online than you are going to have to watch out fora few cautions here and there as well!

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Skyecandy Releases Demo for Video Speed Dating on Skype

SkyeCandy has just released the first video speed dating program forSkype. In an innovative new format, SkyeCandy gives users the chance tobe paired up with prospects from all around the world for shortvideo-conferences which are scheduled on a continual basis. SkyeCandygives users the opportunity to have face-to-face interaction withouthave to provide any personal information, allow for a safe and securespeed dating experience. Each user also has a friendliness rating, sousers can weed out undesirable prospects.

Their High Definitiondemo is now available in for download on their Youtube Channel (teamskyecandy) and the SkyeCandy official website. The demo is serves as anintroduction to SkyeCandy, instructing users on the basics of theirinnovative new program. They walk you through how to download, registerand get started on SkyeCandy and while showcasing some of theirexciting new features. These include an interactive map that provideslive information about users around the world, the ability to rate howfriendly your date is and follow-up communication with successful datesover Skype.

Even after the trial period is over, SkyeCandywill remain free to all users, offering all Skype members its basicfeatures. There are also paid features, including the option to sendSMS messages directly to the mobile phone of your successful dates, andthey are also planning to implement VIP features and MatchmakingServices in the near future.

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